Nestled within the Main Street Market, Charlottesville’s Foodie Mecca, Orzo beckons with a dynamic Chef-led open kitchen, a stylish dining room wrapped in dramatic Mediterranean landscape paintings, a modern patio with overflowing planters of culinary herbs & flowers, private dining spaces that accommodate from 20-60 people, and a friendly bar highlighted by craft cocktails, local beers on tap and over 30 wines by the glass.

Chefs Adam, Pete & Kathy honor the traditions of Mediterranean cultures, respect the sources of our produce and proteins, and mentor their team of passionate kitchen professionals whose tireless efforts make the Orzo dining experience a memorable one.


Charles Roumeliotes

Founder and Co-Owner
"Stay true to traditional recipes and let the finished product shine!"

Ken Wooten

Founder and Co-Owner
“Anticipate a guest’s needs, exceed their expectations, treat them as family.”

Pete Evans

Chef & Partner
"If you cook with your heart and with love, your food will be unpretentious and soulful. "

Adam Spaar

Chef & Partner
“Food for me is about relationships, bringing loved ones together and nourishing them."

Kathy Buchet

Lunch & Offsite Catering Chef
"At an elemental level, creating food is about honoring the ingredients and paying respect to the animal and plants whose spiritual essence sustains us."